I am Zirkie. I live in Cape Town, South Africa with my son and two daughters.

Zirkie Schroeder

I started blogging because my family and friends always asked me for my recipes and in posting my recipes on a blog it was very easy to share them! Both my daughters studied at Stellenbosch and wanted access to my recipes and this was the easiest way to share it.

I love cooking and baking and started playing in the kitchen at an early age. I use to work out menus for breakfasts and suppers when I was still at school for the holidays. My mother would get all the ingredients that I required and then I would do all the cooking!

Although I did a couple of cooking courses at the Pretoria Technical College, cooking remained a hobby, until I had my own coffee shop. I had the shop for 7 years and there I really learned to cook and bake. I baked all the cakes and tarts as well as all the muffins for the shop from scratch – no tubes of muffins or cake mixtures!! The other food in my coffee shop like quiches, soups and more were also cooked by me.

I still do catering for children’s parties, which I enjoy a lot, because I can be creative. Most of my cooking and baking, however, is done for my family who love eating and tasting my latest creations!

I cannot afford to waste any food, so all my photos are from food that my family and I will eat! No funny stuff will ever be applied to my food to make it look more attractive.

I also do a number of crafts, such as mosaics, decoupage and fabric painting and I also love sewing and gardening.

This blog will mainly be about cooking and baking, but will also feature my crafts and other life experiences!

All the photos are taken by me, unless otherwise stated, and is the property of PinkPolkaDotFood. Please contact me in writing, for approval, if you want to use any of my photos or recipes. You are, however, welcome to link to my recipes and photos.

I hope my blog will inspire you to have fun in the kitchen!


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  1. DarlingDee

    Hello PinkSpot:)
    Just popped in to check out you other ‘home’
    I look forward to seeing another side of you.

  2. Dee

    Thanks for the visit. Any good ideas for cooking Jerusalem Artichokes? Got a few off google but haven’t tried them yet. Nice blog by the way. I’ll be back and will definitely pass you along.

    • pinkpolkadotblog

      No, unfortunately not – cooked it once, but I was not impressed! I only use the tinned versions! Sorry!

  3. Ciaran

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  4. Monean Winterbach

    Hi there, hope you are well! The book club, Leisure Books, launched a competition last year to choose the Top Ten Home Cooks. The overall winner was announced at the end of September and the cook book with the same title was released early October. I would love to send you a copy if you can please send me your postal address?
    Thanks so much.
    Warm regards

  5. adeeyoyo

    Thank you for visiting my blog, Zirkie. I have seen the (attempted, haha) answers to your quizzes on Col’s posts. I am so glad I found you (or you found me)!

  6. gipsika

    Pinkie, so good to find you! (Actually you found me…) 🙂
    We had lamb kleftiko for Easter, what my mom calls “resurrection lamb”. The tiramisu was also a “resurrection pudding” in that it, too, had to spend at least 2 nights in the fridge to develop its full flavour.

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  8. DarlingDee

    Hi Pink Spot
    Have thought so much about you and then the other day our local rag – George Herald – ran a few of your recipes.
    I trust that you are doing well, happy and healthy.
    Perhaps when you visit George, you can let me know…
    God bless you, Dee

    • zirkie

      Hi DD, it is so nice to hear from you! I am well, thanks, and you? My sister lives in Mosselbay, so I visit that area from time to time; will be there on the weekend of 25th October again. Are you on Facebook; one of the old 24.com bloggers just started a FB page for old 24.com bloggers; I can add you if you are interested? Enjoy the weekend!

  9. DarlingDee

    Thanks for the reply PinkSpot
    Yes please, add my name to the FB page
    The weekend you mentioned is Beloved’s birthday, so I’ll take a rain cheque for your following trip.
    It would be so nice to see you.
    Until then, happy cooking. D

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